24 June 2013

Blogging trouble ;(

Hi there!

Thanks to all of you out there who let me know that you couldn't see my photo's.

I get this error from blogger : bx-v6jfyf . But the code is not listed under the error codes... Frustrated.

So now I have my photos back from Picassa web albums, but everything uploaded from my pc, still missing... anyone that can help... please!

*Edited... had a little help from Jackie Rockwell...and the problem's fixed now... Phew... had me worried!
Jenny asked what I did to fix it... Somehow... (really don't know why) my privacy settings of my Picassa Albums was changed. I made everything public now, and the problem's fixed!

See you later!


Desire Fourie said...

Hi Hannelie. Dis net jou sentiments wat ek nie sien nie. Die fotos van die kaartjies self kan ek almal sien. Dis dalk iets te doen met die program waarin jy jou sentiments create.
Hoop jy kan dit uitpluis.
Mooi bly

Marjorie said...

Oh Hannelie, wish I could help but not very good with computer problems.. hope you get it sorted soon..
Marjorie xx

Jenny @ I-dream-in-paper.blogspot.co.uk said...

Hannelie, I am having the same problem with my blog today - uploaded the photos from Picasa (never done it that way before) - care to share the fix? Jenny

Ardyth Percy-Robb said...

Phew - glad it's fixed!

Happy Dance said...

I sure don't know how those darn things change themselves, but I hate that when they do!!! So glad you and Jackie were able to fix the problem. Bev

Anonymous said...

That a relief ... off for a meander round what I missed yesterday! Anita :)