12 July 2011

On a sweet note

Hi everybody!

Time for  me to exchange the summer heat of Abu Dhabi for the cold winter of  South-Africa!

Yes, it's time for our annual vacation and I can't wait to see our family and dear friends again! Living abroad sure has it's advantages but one's heart will surely always yearn for your  home country and people.

That means the craft room's door is closed in order for me to get everything prepared... I know after a few weeks I'll have itchy fingers ; )

I leave you with sweet news from digi my world...

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And keep watching for even more exciting news...

In the mean while - keep safe, enjoy summer/winter ;)... most important... KEEP CRAFTING!!!!



OlgaB said...

Enjoy your winter abroad!

Schweet Caroline said...

Yes, come and enjoy one of the coldes winters over here ;)